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NYMF fashion studio

NYMF is an unique fashion studio located right in the heart of Tallinn, in a lovely wooden house at the environmentally valuable Süda street. Your wishes and my vision meet here to result in eye-catching outfits that can hardly be left unnoticed. 

A few times a year we present our unique and unmistakebly recognizable collections under the
NYMF brand. The exclusive pieces can currently be purchased solely at the NYMF fashion Studio.

Naif feminine forms, charizmatic pattern-games, appetizing colour-combinations, spicy embroideries, 
dainty laces, pearly button rows... And all of that dosed just lushly enough to make the collection proudly
wearable in real life.

But above all we enjoy designing unique exciting evening dresses and hand-embroidered vintage-flavoured
bridal gowns.

In addition to custom-made garments and collections we also design and produce expressive promotional
clothing and uniforms with a personal touch. 

If you have a wish or an idea you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me and let’s meet over
a nice cup of tea!


See You at NYMF, 

Triin Kärblane
NYMF's designer