About NYMF bridal gowns

I want to show how much more a wedding dress can be. We don’t have to limit us with our childhood dreams where all brides wear the snow white princess dresses also we don’t have to satisfy with the questionable-quality mass production dresses. I want to inspire and show that there are millions of ways to play with different styles, structures, details and shades of color. It is important for me as a designer to not only create a perfectly fitted and high quality tailored dress but to also add the spirit. 


NYMF loves a vintage feeling in its diverse forms and eras. I adore the 1920s silhouettes, playful flapper fringes, charming tassels, Victorian ornaments, filigree embroideries, luxurious silk velvet and lace in its endless variations. Mixing different styles and structures in order to find the perfect harmony. From our wedding collections, you can find the luxurious queen-dresses to the mansion-weddings, femme fatale dresses to the urban-weddings, magical fairy dresses to the ritualic nature-weddings, boho-glam-chic dresses to the rustic barn-weddings and minimalistic and super practical wedding dresses to celebrate the special day with just the two of you. 


In addition to NYMF bridal collection, it is also possible to order a specially designed and tailored dress for you. It is very important to me that the wedding dress would support the couple 100 percent. Meaning that it should perfectly harmonize with the wedding style, with all its details and shades and what’s even more important, the wedding dress should tell the story of the bride and the groom. That is why I love to take enough time to have a delicious tea and inspiring chat with a couple so I could understand their unique world and try to form that understanding and feeling into the one dress. It takes about 3-6 appointments to create a uniquely made wedding dress in our Tallinn studio. So maybe it would be just a perfect “excuse” to have some fun and refreshing getaway days over the sea.


Absolutely every NYMF dress is one of a kind, created with deep passion and radiating love and made by the best tailors in Estonia.