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This is not just a beautiful jewelry.

It’s a talisman. An initiation.


A gift for myself.

From gratitude that I have gone through so many transformations. 

Deaths. Rebirths. Died in my old selves and born as a new one.


The dragonfly symbolizes transformations and the Goddess - The Mother of All - the essence of divinity.

Together they open a totally new chapter in life.


This is a rebirth into divinity.


Into a divine union.


This is me.

New me.

My true essence.


The source of all.

The creator of all.


Dragonfly Goddess Talisman is handcrafted from sterling silver, gold plated and partly hand polished, which gives her a half golden / half silver rustic look and makes every talisman slightly different.


She is wearable as a powerful pendant necklace with a special adjustable silver chain.


Or you can wear her as an empowering brooch.


Limited edition.

Every talisman has its sequence number.


Designed by NYMF designer Triin Kärblane

Handcrafted by Eesti Juveel.


Material silver 925

Weight with chain 47,4 g


Packed in a luxurious turquoise suede jewelry box.


Dragonfly Goddess Talisman

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