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Fish Leather Belts


We have created a collection of unique Fish Leather Belts.  

Yes, you read correctly - this is real fish leather. From the Baltic Sea - salmon, trout, pike-perch, and pike. 

But please know that no fish has sacrificed their lives for these belts. All the skins we use are byproducts of Estonian fishing industry. So this belt is really ethical and sustainable product that comes from our local nature friendly industries - also the leathers are colored and finished with environment-friendly and waste-free technology in Estonia. 


Actually using fishleathers for clothing and accessories has been a forgotten ancient tradition of our ancestors from the North, so we are reviving our lost traditions.

These Fish Leather Belts are beyond trends. They are practical and durable, so you can enrich your dresses, sweaters, kimonos, coats, and even luxury and bridal dresses with Fish Leather Belts for years.


Every single belt is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by the artisans in NYMF Fashion Studio.


 Fish Leather Belt is not just a beautiful and practical accessory, but it also helps to gather, hold and protect our inner feminine power. 


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