October 5, 2019

I’m inviting You to the NYMF show at Tallinn Fashion Week. Not just to see the beautiful dresses with your eyes but to experience something that I can’t describe with the words yet but what I can express with the language of dresses. I’d like to open a portal on the stage of Tallinn Fashion Week and invoke the whole spectrum of different goddesses through it. To be the guide, the bridge between the visible and invisible world.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m curious and want to experiment. And even if nothing happens… you still would be touched with something really beautiful.

Anyway… I will try to open the portal on Saturday, October 19, 19:00, at Tallinn Fashion Week in Kultuurikatel.

You are very welcome to experience.

Tickets available at Piletilevi.

Find the event from Facebook.





P.S. After the show party continues at NYMF Fashion Studio (Süda 1...

September 27, 2019

I feel that before continuing the journey of creating a collection I need to share with you also my dragonfly story.

Me and NYMF have been one. If anything happens with NYMF, it will affect me and also every single experience of mine affects NYMF. Some of you probably already know that I tried to separate myself from NYMF for some time. But very few actually know that I also experienced the complete let-go, the death of NYMF at that period. It was one of the deepest points in my journey but actually, it liberated me a lot. For more than 12 years I had thought that NYMF was something that I just had to do, by being kind of my identity. But after going through this point I felt that I’m not obligated to do anything anymore, from now I have completely free choice to choose anything in my life.


Coming back to Estonia and to my studio, there was still the NYMF’s “bear-lady” on the wall. Still eyes closed, still deep-diving in her innerworlds… although I had felt already for some time tha...

September 23, 2019

Well, traditionally one of the first steps in the journey of creating a collection is to create a moodboard. Usually, it should give you a first impression of how the collection would look like visually: the colors, silhouettes, details, style, etc... My moodboard this time carries exactly the opposite. It reflects everything that is not visual. Carrying rather invisible. And this is exactly what I want to bring to you with my dresses. The invisibility. The experience.

- Dress as an experience. -

By nature, I am the explorer. The experiencer. Probably that’s why I live quite an extreme way in some context. To experience as wide range of variations as possible. And recently my experiences have become more and more unearthly, magical and divine.

The moodboard on this photo hasn’t been made especially for this collection or for this writing. I found it from my phone while browsing the gallery about my paradise trip from this spring. But I decided to share it because it gives the closest impr...

September 18, 2019

I used to think that my creation process starts from the fabrics. But now I understand that actually it starts before. Through some life lesson I’m experiencing at that time and the fabrics are actually just the first form of materializing my state of feeling or being.

The story of this new collection fabrics brings us to this springtime, to the time when I actually had stopped working for unknown time.

I had disconnected myself from the life I used to have, staying in the Paradise, just enjoying the merriment of life, peeling off these false and unnecessary layers and roles, one by one… learning how to just be…

But still, from time to time, I was overtaken by some familiar patterns I used to have. And my practical mind was saying: “Hey Triin, you are going to be in Estonia in May… you always!!! present a new collection at that time… And of course all your clients are so impatiently waiting for this Bali collection… you have tons of ultra colourfully patterned batik fabrics in this paradi...

September 17, 2019

I have been quite silent in a creative way for a while, but at the last full moon I reached to the point when I was manifesting to the glowing moon in the night sky that “now I’m ready for creating again". It didn’t take long. Already next morning I received an e-mail with the invitation to participate in the Tallinn Fashion Week this fall. I haven’t felt such an internal burning and a creative drive for quite a long time… And even though my mind wanted to kill the idea in every way, I still decided to follow my inner fire and say “yes” to the challenge.

So, dear NYMF fans, please save the date into your calendars: October 19, 2019, NYMF on the stage of Tallinn Fashion Week. Huh… now it’s all said and there is no turning-back ..

But I have one more feeling considering all of this… Usually I share only the outcome - the catwalk or a lookbook of the collection, but this time I have a strong feeling that I would love to invite you also to the journey. The journey, the process, the birthing...

September 15, 2019

NYMF is so totally grateful to be part of creating some magic again.

Estonian super talented and passionate cellist Silvia Ilves just released her cello cover music video for the beloved "Game of Thrones" melody and NYMF Fashion was honored to empower all these beautiful cellists with the Spirit Animal dresses in it.

Please enjoy!

And by the way, some of these powerful dresses are still available in our studio.


September 5, 2019

Already second season we collaborate with the reality show "Eesti selgeltnägijate tuleproov" and empower the show anchor Eve Kallaste with the NYMF dresses. 

Enjoy the magical tv show and the power of the dresses every Thursdays 20:00 at TV3.

August 29, 2019

NYMF  is really blessed to collaborate with the masters. Especially with the masters who are being the channels for the deep beauty and love entering into this world. I feel that the Estonian cellist Silvia Ilves and NYMF - we both do the same by speaking our own language. And uniting our skills makes the message even more powerful.

So please enjoy.
Estonian beloved musicians` Silvia Ilves and Liidia Ilves play cover of famous Scandinavian artist Lasse Martenson`s song "Myrskyluodon Maija"

The talented sisters are wearing the “Radiance”, “Light” and “From Dusk til Dawn” dresses by NYMF Bridal.

August 19, 2019

One of my favourite Estonian photographers Terje Talts and her muse Kati Oidra had a very inspiring trip to Rhodes, Creek, where they were having a magical photo-journey with NYMF Dresses. Enjoy!

July 9, 2019

It’s really powerful to see Estonian singer Triinu Taul on the stage of Estonian Dance Celebrations, singing song ”Maa hing” and wearing NYMF’s Wolf Queen Dress from the Spirit Animal collection

February 22, 2018

NYMF had an opportunity to cooperate with this spring beauty fair "Ilu Sõnum" coverphoto team.

This year's coverphoto model Annika Jõemägi has a really deep and touching story to tell, you can read it ​here http://ilumess.ee/uudised/kevadmessi-kaanemodell-on-annika-joemagi/​

Enjoy the shimmering of NYMF's "From Dusk till Dawn" bridal gown.

Working process.

 "From Dusk till Dawn" wedding gown by NYMF.

 The outcome.

February 2, 2018

NYMF is so grateful for the opportunity to dress up Etnopatsy at the song contest Eesti Laul 2018. 

MuChaCha dresses by NYMF and handmade macrame jewelry by Always Believe in Magic.

 Do you see the acrobat?

Listen to the Etnopatsy "Külm" here.

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