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Nymf Fashion Show at Eena Charitable Hat Party.

If you thought that NYMF dresses were only for intangible fairies or for unhealthy supermodel sizes...

Here is the opposite proof - NYMF empowers REAL women.

Business Professional Women Estonia (EENA BPW Estonia) women wearing NYMF Fashion creation on the catwalk of Charitable Hat Party “EENA Movie Gala”.

Vol 1.

Photos Kelly Jõesoo

Dresses NYMF Fashion

Designer Triin Kärblane

Models Siiri Tiivits-Puttonen, Teele Palmre, Aira Meos, Marii Val, Anu Viks, Christine Savisaar, Kaire Luuk, Mare Timian, Merike Paasalu


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