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The journey of creating a collection. Announcement. NYMF goes to Tallinn Fashion Week.

I have been quite silent in a creative way for a while, but at the last full moon I reached to the point when I was manifesting to the glowing moon in the night sky that “now I’m ready for creating again". It didn’t take long. Already next morning I received an e-mail with the invitation to participate in the Tallinn Fashion Week this fall. I haven’t felt such an internal burning and a creative drive for quite a long time… And even though my mind wanted to kill the idea in every way, I still decided to follow my inner fire and say “yes” to the challenge.

So, dear NYMF fans, please save the date into your calendars: October 19, 2019, NYMF on the stage of Tallinn Fashion Week. Huh… now it’s all said and there is no turning-back ..

But I have one more feeling considering all of this… Usually I share only the outcome - the catwalk or a lookbook of the collection, but this time I have a strong feeling that I would love to invite you also to the journey. The journey, the process, the birthing story of the collection. Because for me it’s definitely a much more deeper and comprehensive process than just trying to predict the future fashion trends, sketch them to the paper and start producing. Although… I'm not sure yet on what level I’m actually ready to open myself to the wider audience...

So honestly, at this point, I don’t have any idea what I’m going to share with you, but I think this is exactly one of the most important points in the creating process - setting the intention and trusting the totally unknown of the journey.

So if you want to join the journey, please follow @NYMFfashion and @NYMFbridal in Instagram and NYMF Fashion & NYMF Bridal in Facebook.

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