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Nymf "Portal"

This is the gallery of the most magical photoshoot I have ever experienced. We were filming and taking photos exactly 24 hour straight. Without planning this way. But the location - Kirna mansion - also known as the most mystical place in Estonia - played a time-trick for us and invited us to stay the night and take the photos exactly from the midnight till the sunrise. And to make it even more magical… it was Full Moon. So we were given the best circumstances to shoot the collection named Portal in the real portal that was magically opening for us. We were stepping into the parallel fairytale, full of spirits, to the place where the physical rules didn’t exist anymore and where the visible and invisible worlds were melting into one. It was magic. Beyond all my dreams.

I put so much invisible world into every dress and I’m so grateful that this time we catched it on the photos, too.

Welcome to the Portal.

Photos Indrek Arula

Muse Ingrid Margus

MUAH Paul Holmberg

Assistant Yuliana Drigel

Location Château de Kirna

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