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My own World Peace


“My Own World Peace” collection was born into this world to teach us that everything starts from us. From our state of being. And everything outside of us is just a reflection of it.   It teaches us how to stay in the center. Even in the middle of a chaos. Keeping our inner peace. Trusting our own guidance. Speaking our own truth and accepting others. Understanding and embracing metamorphoses around us and within.  Having the courage to stand in the center of the battlefield and instead of fighting, choosing love. Being the source of love and light. Creating our own World Peace. Inside. And outside.

The Queen of Peace

I am the creator, keeper, and protector of my kingdom. It is my kingdom of peace, love, truth, trust, courage, equality, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, beauty, harmony, abundance, balance, commitment, loyalty, respect, responsibility, and presence.


There is only one rule in my kingdom -  and that is free will.

Divine Ordinary

We are constantly escaping from our daily lives to the feast, from ordinary to extremes, from matter to spirituality… But how to find gratefulness and celebration every single day? How to bring divinity to practicality? And how to turn our daily lives into an endless magical adventure?


It’s just a belief that it is possible.

And living in that faith.

Speaking my own truth and accepting others

Absolutely every single person comes into this world to get totally unique experience, into totally unique being, truth, and form. To think that some of us are more perfect than others or that somebody's religions and truths are better than others are illusory judgments.  Whatever externally created visual, intellectual, or religious norms create only rift into our inner and outer world.


Feeling that I am wrong…. Really?


I am speaking my own truth and accepting others.

I am perfectly unperfect.

I am totally unique myself.

I am the Light

I am a sparkle. A shimmer. A beam of light. I illuminate everything and everywhere. I bring clarity. Truth revealed. I crack the illusions. But I can come only where there is courage. Courage to see.  To see through the play of my own inner demons and this is the way I can change the course of this game. Now there are my rules. And my new rule is free will.