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Really special and warm multicolor hooded alpaca winter coat "Trusting the Universe" from the collection "My own World Peace"


The story of "Trusting the Universe" coat

We are all looking for a basic sense of security in this world because only when this base is fulfilled we can start playing with life. Everyone seeks this security through different experiences - relationships, religious and social affiliations, home, food, health, money, things, etc.


I feel secure only when…


So many fear-based external systems have been built on this basic need, that should seemly make us feel safer, but so easily trap ourselves instead. 


But what if my security plan is protection by the Universe? Knowing that I’m safe in a bigger plan. I choose not to go along with the endless versions of fears that can go wrong. Because fear has the ability to reflect into the outer world.


I trust that I’m safe. Whatever happens. Or goes differently than my little mind was thinking. Unfortunately, mind works only on a basis of experiences or external thinking patterns that all are huge barriers to new opportunities. So I choose to go ahead with knowing that I am safe. Trusting the Universe. A bigger plan. And letting myself play.



  • Unique piece
  • Multicolor alpaca wool
  • Toggles
  • Pockets
  • Hood
  • Adjustable with belt
  • Tea length 
  • Material 70 % alpaca, 30 % virgin wool
  • Lining 100 % viscose 
  • Insulation layer
  • Dry cleaning
  • Size 38 (Please see size chart below)
  • Handmade with love in Estonia




This “Trusting the Universe” winter coat on the pictures has already a happy owner but if you have fell in love with this really rare multicolor alpaka wool, please contact us - we have this fabric for only one more coat, so we can discuss the design and make a custom made coat specially for you. 


About NYMF 

All the NYMF dresses are unique pieces, designed by the passionate Estonian designer Triin Kärblane and sewn with the best quality by the tailors of our fashion studio in Estonia. 


NYMF has created really unique and recognizable scripted collections for more than 15 years. Every collection tells us a story of a different woman or different archetypes. So the collections have been a deep inner journey for the really passionate and detail-loving designer Triin Kärblane. The dresses that she creates are not just the dresses but it's the whole world around and inside of them.

NYMF inspires Women to find their Divine Power by speaking the Language of Dresses.

Trusting the Universe Winter Coat

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    Size chart

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