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The birth of the Dragonfly Goddess

The story of NYMF is a very personal one — it is a tale about the metamorphic journey of Triin Kärblane, the designer herself, in which a fragile young nymph evolves into a powerful dragonfly goddess over 16 years and more than 40 collections. This journey has been all about opening doors into different worlds that in turn lead to deeply profound shamanic quests and enchantingly divine palaces, giving her a chance to experience a whole specter of feminine archetypes, icons and goddesses within herself and to absorb their power and wisdom. 



This journey has been incredibly beautiful, fascinating, venturesome, playful, extreme and enriching. But at times also destructive, much like a purgatory. The most important part has been Triin’s unwavering dedication to staying true to her own path, not letting herself be provoked by widespread fashion trends, slowly creating her very own NYMF world one dress at a time. 


Today, NYMF is a world full of abundant beauty, depth, ferocity and animateness; a world where life is like a ritual and dresses have become portals. 


Her rebirth from a nymph into a dragonfly has launched Triin into her new role where she is to gather together everything she has experienced and share it with others, serving as a bridge and a guide between the visible and the invisible. 


By combining this new role with her sensitive nature and talent that she has perfected over the years, she now gently translates all her experiences into the language of dresses. And so are born dresses that act as portals through which women can channel the ancient knowledge of mystic femininity, their inner power and the essence of goddesses. It allows them to get in touch with the feminine aspects within and start a journey towards perfect harmony and balance. In order to awaken and become whole. To rediscover their power. 


To awaken the Goddess within.



With Love, 
Triin Kärblane
NYMF Fashion Designer
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