With Love, 
Triin Kärblane
NYMF's Designer


NYMF is an Estonian clothing brand and little fashion studio in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, where designer Triin Kärblane creates extremely colorful and abundant collections already more than 10 years. She adores timeless and ultra-feminine silhouettes, magical prints, detail richness and playing with the mix of different patterns and structures. Besides the colorful dresses, NYMF also loves to create a bit different, so-called inspirational and vintage-style wedding dresses. Triin’s mission is to show how much more a wedding dress can be. Every NYMF’s dress is one of a kind, created with deep cognition and passion and made with love by the best tailors in Estonia.



“NYMF’s creation is a very personal story of me growing a Woman. It has been a great journey into different feminine layers and archetypes. I don’t do a classical fashion, I don’t seek for inspiration and I don’t care about the latest trends. Comes only what should come. And the freer I can let myself be, the more easiest it comes. I’m like a filter, so there could form a story of a Woman. And not just a visual story, I have deeply perceived these Women’s worlds inside of me, experiencing both, their beauty and their pain.



I have met inside of me the Playful Girl, the Aristocratic Mistress, the Charismatic Slavitar, the Freedom-loving Hippie, the Marvelous Doll, the Mystical Magician, Femme Fatale, the Nature-hearted Maiden, the Powerful Queen, the Yoiking Shaman, the Divine Fairy, and this adventurous journey continues



It’s so exciting to be a Woman. To discover these endless layers inside of me. And I feel that creating

these worlds, collections and dresses is somehow my way to inspire You, dear Woman, to discover

these limitless layers inside of You, too. So I wish You a great journey!”