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One of a kind "Love Warrior" sparkling jersey dress with leather details from "My own World Peace" collection


The story of the "Love Warrior" dress

I am the warrior who persists. And not because I went into the external war and defeated illusory enemies with my sharp sword. The real war happens inside of me. And even the enemy is inside of me. My own inner demons - illusory beliefs, thought patterns, pains, dark corners, places I don’t want to look. All based on fear. Stamping these shadows as bad is provoking the battle, fighting against them the war itself.


But I realize that actually I have a choice to go beyond this “fight, flight, or freeze” mentality. Stand boldly in the middle of the battlefield and realize that everything I’m fighting for is not from this present moment or even connected with me. I have been reacting by the fear of pain that has happened to me long ago or I carry this fear within collectively. Seeing it through allows me to start choosing love instead of fear. Start spreading love in the middle of the battlefield. And the battlefield disappears.



Unique piece

A-symmetrical jersey dress

Material viscose jersey with silver sparkle

Draped front

Leather toggle

Braided leather details

Tea length or ankle length

Material 55 % viscose 45 % polyamide

Dry cleaning or cold wash, delicate cycle, do not tumble dry

Size M (Please see size chart below)

Handmade with love in Estonia





All the options are available made-to-order, keeping every single dress as a one-of-a-kind piece.

Production time for orders is about two weeks plus shipping.

Please contact us for more information.


About NYMF

All the NYMF dresses are unique pieces, designed by the passionate Estonian designer Triin Kärblane and sewn with the best quality by the tailors of our fashion studio in Estonia.


NYMF has created really unique and recognizable scripted collections for more than 15 years. Every collection tells us a story of a different woman or different archetypes. So the collections have been a deep inner journey for the really passionate and detail-loving designer Triin Kärblane. The dresses that she creates are not just the dresses but it's the whole world around and inside of them.

NYMF inspires Women to find their Divine Power by speaking the Language of Dresses.

Love Warrior

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    Size chart

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