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The journey of creating a collection. Moodboard.

Well, traditionally one of the first steps in the journey of creating a collection is to create a moodboard. Usually, it should give you a first impression of how the collection would look like visually: the colors, silhouettes, details, style, etc... My moodboard this time carries exactly the opposite. It reflects everything that is not visual. Carrying rather invisible. And this is exactly what I want to bring to you with my dresses. The invisibility. The experience.

- Dress as an experience. -

invisible moodboard

By nature, I am the explorer. The experiencer. Probably that’s why I live quite an extreme way in some context. To experience as wide range of variations as possible. And recently my experiences have become more and more unearthly, magical and divine.

The moodboard on this photo hasn’t been made especially for this collection or for this writing. I found it from my phone while browsing the gallery about my paradise trip from this spring. But I decided to share it because it gives the closest impression of what I have been living, experienced through me and carrying since that time.

So yes, I have been blessed to have the ability and opportunities to experience these things through me. Or rather, I have finally accepted these for myself. But I also have this growing inner feeling that I couldn’t keep the experiences selfishly only for me but I need to share them.

- How to express the invisible? -

Bringing some kind of sensations or experiences into material world is definitely a creation. And in my case, I speak most fluently the language of dresses.

Have you ever thought about yourself as an altar? And what would you place on your altar? Can you imagine a dress as a portal that opens while wearing it and connects you with the divine experiences?

- Me as an altar. Dress as a portal. -

A woman in her divine nature is a harmonious mix of diverse variations. She includes in herself different aspects as a creatively brilliant Saraswati, abundant Lakshmi, sacredly-married Parvati, divinely romantic Radha, maternal Sita, mysteriously playful Lalita Tripura Sundari and also a bit more darker aspects as a warrior Durga, transformative Kali, and false-self-sacrificing Chinnamasta. And these are just a few examples.

To be fully harmonious we need to be connected with the different sides of us and know how to invoke them in certain moments. Even the dark ones. Because the dark ones are not the “bad ones” like we tend to think. Every aspect has its own role and they are just waiting to be invoked. In order to enrich your life or to ask help for going through some difficulties in life.

So to conclude the long story. The new collection carries the harmony of different aspects of the goddesses and each dress in this collection acts as a portal through which to invoke different divine beings and experiences into your life.

What kind of goddess would you like to invoke?

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