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Invitation to the Portal @ Tallinn Fashion Week

NYMF opens the Portal @ Tallinn Fashion Week

I’m inviting You to the NYMF show at Tallinn Fashion Week. Not just to see the beautiful dresses with your eyes but to experience something that I can’t describe with the words yet but what I can express with the language of dresses. I’d like to open a portal on the stage of Tallinn Fashion Week and invoke the whole spectrum of different goddesses through it. To be the guide, the bridge between the visible and invisible world. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m curious and want to experiment. And even if nothing happens… you still would be touched with something really beautiful.

Anyway… I will try to open the portal on Saturday, October 19, 19:00, at Tallinn Fashion Week in Kultuurikatel.

You are very welcome to experience.

Tickets available at Piletilevi.

Find the event from Facebook.

P.S. After the show party continues at NYMF Fashion Studio (Süda 1, II Floor, Tallinn)

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