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The journey of creating a collection. Fabrics.

I used to think that my creation process starts from the fabrics. But now I understand that actually it starts before. Through some life lesson I’m experiencing at that time and the fabrics are actually just the first form of materializing my state of feeling or being.

The story of this new collection fabrics brings us to this springtime, to the time when I actually had stopped working for unknown time.

I had disconnected myself from the life I used to have, staying in the Paradise, just enjoying the merriment of life, peeling off these false and unnecessary layers and roles, one by one… learning how to just be…

But still, from time to time, I was overtaken by some familiar patterns I used to have. And my practical mind was saying: “Hey Triin, you are going to be in Estonia in May… you always!!! present a new collection at that time… And of course all your clients are so impatiently waiting for this Bali collection… you have tons of ultra colourfully patterned batik fabrics in this paradise… just pick them out, give them to the tailor on the next street corner and a beautiful practical Bali theme summer collection would be ready for May…”

I listened to my mind and went shopping. And came back totally empty-handed. And why? Just because the feeling didn’t come up. Because it just wasn’t That.

I kind of gave up. And also felt relieved that probably it wasn’t just the time yet to return working. And I continued enjoying the merriment of life again.

Some time went by and one day I found myself spontaneously in a more luxurious fabric shop. Like totally magnetized I was immediately drawn to the sector where the most beautiful, luxurious, most impractical fabrics were. The fabrics that I haven’t used in my quite a long career and ironically exactly the opposite to the fabrics that my analytical mind was looking for. But I went totally crazy. My mind disappeared. Visions ran in front of my eyes. Goosebumps covered allover my body. The tears of happiness ran. The feeling was exactly the right! Although I had no idea when or where or who would make the dresses or if at all, the fabrics were just totally seducing me. And I trusted.

Later some beauties from Malaysia and India also joined, so the origins of the fabrics are quite exotic. Although their visual and essence rather not. But that I would share in the next chapters of the collection journey.

Ahhh… almost forgot. One more very important thing.

Arriving at my paradise home, I spontaneously cut the small pieces from the fabrics, their essence, put them into a tiny cloth bag and the same little bag travelled with me and experienced oh-so-many different kind of balinese ceremonies and rituals. So the fabrics in this collections have been charged, connected with the divine and being blessed so many times. Huhh… goosebumps again…

This was the pre-story of the collection from this springtime.

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