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New Concept

New Me

“New Me” collection is not just another collection in our selection.

This is the new base and core collection of NYMF Fashion.

It is something that will remain and that we start gradually building up

and enriching with new layers, new expressions and new materials, 

always keeping the high-quality standards. 

Most of the items are combinable with each other,

so you can start creating your very personal "New Me" wardrobe

step-by-step in the most suitable timeline for you.

All the garments are made-to-order

especially for you, considering your measurements.


"New Me" collection is an invitation to start playing with yourself.

NYMF Fashion new collection "New Me"


I remembered who I was.

and the myth became alive again.


I am the embodiment of femininity, sensuality and elegance.

Honoring my inner highness.

Being the passionate explosion of cosmic creativity.

Embracing my royality.