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Bridal photoshoot. Behind the scenes.

We photo- and videographed NYMF Bridal Collection 2018 today. Had some plans set before, but actually the day was full of magic, pure flowing. The way the location, the amazing Chateau de Kumna, started to communicate with it's interior, light and mirroring... it was just owerwhelming.

And we had just a perfect team - my muse, one of the most beautiful Woman in the world, definetely, the actress Ingrid Margus; really talented and passionate photographer Indrek Arula and me. The whole day carried a message for all of us - Live Your Dreams! And I decided that the same message needs to be carried wider with the whole Bridal Collection. So, You! Live Your Dreams!

Here is a little sneakpeak about the fun and magic we experienced there.

Me and my muse Ingrid Margus.

NYMF designer Triin Kärblane and her muse Ingrid Margus

Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have some fun!

Multitasking photographer Indrek Arula.

Multitasking photographer Indrek Arula

Fragment from a fairytale.

Fragment from a fairytale.

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